Saturday, April 4, 2009

Blog Pagerank

Blog PagerankMy Blog Pagerank was updated a few days ago. I am glad to say that it improved a little bit. It is a sign that my blog's internet presence increased in significance, as more websites and blogs have linked to my blog posts.

After 4 months of blogging, my blog pagerank for the home page increased from zero to 1, while some of the individual posts have blog pagerank improved from zero to 2 or 3. Though most of the posts still have zero or unranked status.

1 - Start Blogging
1 - Philippine Tide Forecast February 2009
1 - How Much for a Gym Membership?
1 - FM Stations in Metro Manila
1 - Listen to RJ 100 from the Web
1 - Board Exam Review Center

2 - Coldplay Albums
2 - Eraserheads Live! The Final Set
2 - Samantha Traffic Report
2 - The Boys of Magic 89.9

3 - Mp3 Players Shuffle
3 - Kanye West New Song
3 - Smart Lipo
3 - Eraserheads Final Set Concert Review
3 - Philippine Tide Forecast March 2009
3 - Somebody Hates Facebook - Yikes!
3 - The Michael Jackson Auction - Part 3
3 - Push-up Variation Videos

I am taking this blog pagerank indicator with a grain of salt. I think there is no direct correlation between blog pagerank and blog success. A high blog pagerank does not guarantee the blog is gonna make it big. I have seen successful blogs with zero blog pagerank.


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