Sunday, January 25, 2009

Got Omega-3?

Got Omega-3 in your diet?Have you got Omega-3 in your diet? I have long been a fan of Omega-3 and every time I read a new article about Omega-3, it just reinforces my belief that everyone should increase eating foods rich in Omega-3.

Did you know that the other fatty acid called Omega-6, while being advertised as healthy, is in fact not? Because we already have an excess of Omega-6 in our bodies, and anything in excess is not healthy. Excess Omega-6 actually reduces the absorption of Omega-3 so even if you eat canned tuna or sardines rich with Omega-3, if the fish was canned with oil (except olive oil) rich in Omega-6, you are actually absorbing less Omega-3 in your body.

You can read the latest about Omega-3 in I am actually tempted to copy the whole 7-page article in case they remove the article in the future...

What do you think? I suggest you don't just take my word for it. Do your own research on the topic. In my opinion, Omega-3 is the one single food that will change your life.

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