Saturday, December 27, 2008

FM Stations in Metro Manila

These are the FM Stations in Metro Manila which you can listen to through the internet for free.

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To enjoy listening to free radio, click on the links for the individual websites and live online streaming. Let me know (place a comment below) if some links don't work anymore. (Last updated: April 13, 2009)

Click here to record internet radio.



88.3 FM DWJM
Jam 88.3
website listen live
89.1 FM DWAV
Wave 89.1
website listen live
89.9 FM DWTM
Magic 89.9
website listen live
90.7 FM DZMB
90.7 Love Radio
website listen live
91.5 FM DWKY
91.5 Energy FM

listen live external link
92.3 FM DWFM
92.3 xFM
website listen live
93.1 FM DWRX
Monster Radio RX 93.1
website listen live
93.9 FM DWKC
93.9 iFM
website listen live
94.7 FM DWLL
Mellow 94.7
website listen live external link
95.5 FM DWDM
DWDM 95.5

96.3 FM DWRK
96.3 WRocK
website listen live external link
97.1 FM DWLS
97.1 Barangay LS

97.9 FM DWQZ
Home Radio 97.9

listen live
98.7 FM DZFE
98.7 The Master's Touch

99.5 FM DWRT
99.5 RT
website listen live
100.3 FM DZRJ
RJ 100
website listen live
101.1 FM DWYS
101.1 Yes FM
website listen live external link
101.9 FM DWRR
101.9 For Life!

102.7 FM DWSM
102.7 Star FM

103.5 FM DWKX
103.5 Max FM
website listen live
104.3 FM DWBR
104.3 Business Radio
website listen live external link
105.1 FM DWBM
105.1 Crossover
website listen live external link
105.9 FM DWLA
RJ Underground Radio 105.9 website listen live external link
106.7 FM DWET
106.7 Dream FM
website listen live
107.5 FM DWNU
NU 107
website listen live
107.9 FM DZUR
107.9 U Radio
website listen live


Anonymous August 24, 2009 at 3:27 AM  

langya naman tong love radio ang labo ng signal sa radio online.. grrr....

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