Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Coldplay Albums

How many Coldplay Albums are there? Which among the Coldplay albums is the latest to be released? Which songs were released as singles or EP Coldplay Albums? Read the complete discography here.
(May update: Read about the new FREE Coldplay album for download).

Coldplay Albums
Vocalist/pianist/guitarist Chris Martin, lead guitarist Jonny Buckland, bassist Guy Berryman, and drummer/backing vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Will Champion put together a vast selection in their Discography of Coldplay albums, singles and EP's.

There are now around a total of four studio released full length Coldplay albums:
2000 - Parachutes
2002 - A Rush of Blood to the Head
2005 - X&Y
2008 - Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends

Coldplay Albums - ParachutesColdplay Albums - A Rush of Blood to the HeadColdplay Albums - X&YColdplay Albums - Viva La Vida

There are also two live Coldplay albums and one compilation Coldplay album:
2003 - LIVE
2007 - The Singles 1999-2006
2009 - LeftRightLeftRightLeft
This is a free album available for download on the official Coldplay website. Coldplay released this as a "thank you" to the fans.

Coldplay Albums - LiveColdplay Albums - The Singles 1999-2006

Besides the full length Coldplay albums already mentioned, there are also five Extended Play (EP) Coldplay albums:
1998 - Safety
1999 - Blue Room
2000 - Sparks
2001 - Trouble - Norwegian Live
2008 - Prospekt's March

Coldplay Albums - SafetyColdplay Albums - Blue RoomColdplay Albums - SparksColdplay Albums - TroubleColdplay Albums - Prospekt's March

And there are also numerous singles and special releases besides the Coldplay albums above:
1999 - Brothers and Sisters (not available in any of the Coldplay albums)
2000 - Shiver
2000 - Yellow
2000 - Trouble
2001 - Don't Panic
2002 - In My Place
2002 - The Scientist
2003 - Clocks
2003 - God Put a Smile Upon Your Face
2003 - 2000 Miles (not available in any of the Coldplay albums, only by download)
2005 - Speed of Sound
2005 - Fix You
2005 - Talk
2006 - The Hardest Part
2006 - What If
2007 - White Shadows
2008 - Violet Hill
2008 - Viva La Vida
2008 - Lost!
2008 - Lovers In Japan
2008 - Lhuna (not available in any of the Coldplay albums, for World AIDS Day)
2009 - Life In Technicolor II

Coldplay - Brothers and SistersColdplay - ShiverColdplay - YellowColdplay - TroubleColdplay - Don't Panic

Coldplay - In My PlaceColdplay - The ScientistColdplay - ClocksColdplay - God Put a Smile Upon Your Face

Coldplay - Fix YouColdplay - Speed of SoundColdplay - TalkColdplay - The Hardest PartColdplay - What If

Coldplay - Violet HillColdplay - Viva La VidaColdplay - Life in Technicolor II

2001 - Mince Spies (a special release Christmas Coldplay album limited to 1000 copies only)
2003 - Remixes (a special release Coldplay album limited to 1000 copies only)

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