Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Twitter Explosion

Twitter ExplosionDo you use Twitter? In a span of one week, we saw several events unfold in the Twitterverse. These were some of them. Read them through and let me know what you think.

The Celebrity Connection
Ashton Kutcher beats CNN on a race to 1 million Twitter followers. And Oprah joins the Twitter bandwagon.

vs The Corporation
Twitter was used to spread the word against businesses who have done something unacceptable, offensive, or scandalous.

Ever Increasing Exposure
As more people join social media types like Twitter, it gets more powerful. How Twitter will use this power to forward their own interests, it's still not clear right now.

The Twitter Bubble?
Twitter might be getting too big for its own good. And People who started using it because of its exclusivity will be turned off eventually because "everybody is already in Twitter" (as of this time, I am not a user of Twitter).

As I already wrote about Twitter before. I also wrote how Somebody Hates Facebook. Now somebody hates Twitter.

I personally believe in the exponential power of any network. But for me, I am just gonna it this one out. I've got my hands full with other things right now... who am I kidding? I just don't want to join - no need to make excuses. How about you?

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- I'm officially dropping out of the Twitter gab fest


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