Friday, January 16, 2009


TwitterThere is no denying internet social media is radically changing our internet habits.

Last September, a well written NYTimes article talked about the quick rise in popularity of Facebook and Twitter. It also talked about how social scientists analyze the phenomenon as it happens real time, providing terms such as "ambient awareness" and "weak ties" to help explain their observations.

In the case of Twitter, it was designed for exactly one purpose: so people can constantly send "micro updates" to a group of followers. Just like any other social media product, is just a tool. Twitter People started using Twitter and now they are experiencing something entirely new in their lives (as of this time, I am not a user of Twitter).

I used to ask, why do we need to send micro updates? Or why do we need to receive micro updates from other people? I have come to realize there is no unique answer for these questions...

NYTimes Article: Brave New World of Digital Intimacy


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