Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Favorite Comercials

I rarely get to watch TV. And when I do, I multitask with other things. I like local TV instead of cable because it's free and I get to watch my favorite commercials. Here's the top 4:

#4. Happiness! I like Kim Chiu's fresh face over KC Concepcion who is already over exposed. However, I think it's because of these commercials that our vitamins become so expensive.

#3. Beautiful! I like Marian's accent because rumor says that she even got a vocal coach to help perfect her lines.

#2. Relax ka lang! I like this one because the jingle gives me LSS (last song syndrome). Plus the fact that the product has nothing to do with Piolo Pascual's good looks.

#1. You Know? Manny Pacquiao, The Most Famous Person in the World, thinks there's something better than water. Let's listen to what he has to say.

Speaking of commercials, gone are the days of Family Rubbing Alcohol's "di lang pampamilya, pang isports pa!" where the slogans were tightly associated with the product even several years after. Who would ever forget them as they were subliminally embedded in our innocent and defenseless minds?

Seiko Seiko wallet, ang wallet na maswerte.
Balat nito ay genuine.
International pa ang mga design.
Ang wallet na maswerte. Seiko Seiko wallet!
Admit it, you were actually singing while reading this. We actually had a game when we were in college about this jingle. While looking straight in the eyes of your opponent, whoever can sing the whole song, without smiling, wins!

Nowadays, you are happy to find a rare gem of entertainment in all the clutter. (Disclaimer: I have no expertise in advertising and I have nothing against the advertising industry.)

What about you? What's your favorite commercial?

Update: For further reading I suggest you checkout this old blog post about Top 20 Most Memorable Pinoy TV Commercials. I found it after researching about this topic on the web.


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