Friday, April 24, 2009

Microsoft Ads

Microsoft AdsI recently talked about My Favorite Commercials from local television. Now, I want to share to you the latest Microsoft Ads that have been airing in the US recently. The series of TV commercials are about people looking for a laptop to buy. The message of the ads is that the PC is the more reasonable choice when buying a laptop.

May Update: See the new batch of Laptop Hunter ads below.

The recent series of Microsoft ads caused an uproar in the Mac community. Now, I have never had a Mac myself so I can't really have an opinion about PC vs. Mac. What I know is Mac has a fan base that defend the brand with their lives. Either the product is really that good, or they feel the need to justify their Mac ownership by preaching to others.

What's your opinion on this?

Take a look at the Microsoft Ads below.

New Microsoft Ads

After watching these Microsoft Ads, you can compare it with Apple's Get a Mac ads and let me know which one gets the message through more effectively.


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