Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sci-Fi/Fantasy in 2009

Sci-Fi/Fantasy in 2009
by Eugene Novikov

Continuing with our 2009 preview series, I've got an overview of what awaits us (non-comic-book) sci-fi/fantasy geeks this coming year.


- Coraline (Feb. 6) - Henry Selick + Neil Gaiman + some awfully creepy button-eyes.
- Push (Feb. 6) - Solely because Paul McGuigan (Wicker Park, Lucky Number Slevin) makes lovely, elegant films.
- Star Trek (May 8) - I'm kind of a Trekkie. Plus, that trailer.
- Game (Sep. 4) - Neveldine/Taylor are genre geniuses; if anyone can breathe new life into the futuristic-video-game genre, it's them.
- Pandorum (Sep. 4) - No pedigree, but that concept is right up my alley.
- 9 (Sep. 9) - Looks like beautiful, hyperstylized, post-apocalyptic sci-fi; sold.
- The Box (Nov. 6) - Because "extended Twilight Zone episode" isn't a criticism, it's a compliment.
- Avatar (Dec. 18) - You know why.
Cautiously Optimistic:

- Inkheart (Jan. 23) - Kiddie fantasy can work if it has guts.
- Outlander (Jan. 23) - Vikings and aliens. What can I say?
- Knowing (Mar. 20) - Reminds me uncomfortably of Next. But I will still follow Alex Proyas to the edges of the Earth.
- Terminator Salvation (May 22) - One of my favorite franchises of all time, but I trust no one less than McG.
- Land of the Lost (June 5) - Hoping this is more fantasy than comedy.
- Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (July 17) - The thrill is kind of gone since we know how this ends; plus, I am now convinced Azkaban will not be topped in this franchise. The book was one of the best though.
- G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (Aug. 17) - As I never tire of reminding people, I'm the guy who liked Stephen Sommers' Van Helsing.
- Where the Wild Things Are (Oct. 16) - I feel like I should be awaiting this more eagerly than I am. I have a bad feeling. Could be a train wreck.
- Planet 51 (Nov. 20) - Looks like old-fashioned fun.

Do Not Want:

- Eden Log (Feb.) - I've actually seen this. It looks nifty, but it's a tedious caricature of "arty, abstract sci-fi." Avoid.
- Race to Witch Mountain (Mar. 13) - Family Channel nonsense from the director of The Game Plan and She's the Man.
- Dragonball Evolution (Apr. 8) - Live action kiddie anime. Brutal.
- Angels & Demons (May 15) - I've already discussed this.
- Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian (May 22) - First one was borderline unwatchable.
- Imagine That (June 12) - I refused to watch Bedtime Stories as preparation for refusing to watch this.
- Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (June 26) - Still baffles me that people considered Transformers even marginally tolerable. What will Michael Bay send crashing off the back of a moving truck this time?
- 2012 (July 10) - Didn't we already do this with The Day After Tomorrow?
- New Moon (Nov. 20) - The lamest cultural phenomenon of 2008 tries to stretch into 2009. Do not let it.

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