Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Dramas of 2009

Dramas of 2009

by Monika Bartyzel

While I'm sure no film could compete with the drama that would plague the Earth if Fox succeeds in delaying Watchmen, there are still a horde of serious, troubling, tear-wrenching, and romantic dramas coming our way in 2009. The ante was increased tenfold in 2008 with films like the gut-wrenching Dear Zachary, but what of our new year?

2009 boasts:

Not Easily Broken -- Struggling romance, re-evaluation, life-changing accidents -- the usual romantic and dramatic fare.
Yonkers Joe -- This is what happens when I Am Sam meets The Sopranos.
Notorious -- A "notorious" one of the B.I.G. variety.
Killshot -- A husband and wife (Thomas Jane and Diane Lane) get entangled with a con artist (Joseph Gordon Levitt) and over-the-hill hitman (Mickey Rourke).

Free Style -- A race to a motocross title with a High School Musical star whose name sounds like a sandwich (Corbin Bleu).
New York, I Love You -- Paris, je t'aime for the Big Apple Crowd.
Two Lovers -- Typical romance, but with a stellar cast that ranges from Isabella Rossellini to Joaquin Phoenix to Elias Koteas.
Crossing Over -- Another look at immigrants in LA.

Tokyo! -- If New York ain't your thing, how about Michel Gondry, Leos Carax, and Bong Joon-ho tackling Tokyo?

Sugar -- Another take on the cultural divide, this time with the help of minor league baseball.
Fighting -- Stand aside, Jean Claude -- Channing Tatum gets in the fighting way with the help of a veteran coach (Terrence Howard).
The Soloist -- Barring no further delays, we'll finally see Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr. take on the story of Steve Lopez and Nathaniel Anthony Ayers.

Adoration -- Atom Egoyan's internet drama starring Arsinee Khanjian, Scott Speedman, Rachel Blanchard, and Devon Bostick.
Downloading Nancy -- Orrrr, try the Internet via chat rooms, sadness, romance, lies, and death.

My Sister's Keeper -- The once Fanning-led film about a girl born just to save her sister.

Public Enemies -- Classic, gun-toting crime, Depp and Bale style.

Taking Woodstock -- Ang Lee's latest will bring us the story behind Woodstock and Eliot Tiber.

Nine -- The Tony Award-Winning Broadway musical, led to the big screen by Daniel Day-Lewis.
Fame -- A modern look into those singers and dancers who want to live forever.

Amelia -- We'll finally see if Hilary Swank can make it as the famous pilot.

All of November's drama comes with a slice of thrills or horror, like the long-awaited Wolfman or the fangirl-led New Moon.

The Lovely Bones -- Alice Sebold's novel finally makes it to the big screen.
Untitled Project -- Clint Eastwood's Nelson Mandella/rugby film.

All in all, we're averaging about one good drama a month -- enough to whet our dramatic appetites without falling victim to the throes of cinematic misfortune. Which are you itching to see, and which do you hope get lost on their way to the big screen?

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