Monday, July 27, 2009

Andi-9 Music Video

Andi-9 is the beautiful DJ of Magic 89.9. She used to be part of Mo Twister's morning show. Then she went away for a while but returned after some time. She now hosts the Top5@5 afternoon show. And she just released a music video for a song she did with Clean and Clear beauty products. Watch her in the new Andi-9 music video here.
Andi-9 music videoI liked this music video because she still appears a little self conscious while singing. To me, it means that the whole singer-celebrity thing is not yet up in her head. Good for her and I wish for more success and more endorsements! Just don't give up radio, which was where you started and became famous. And don't make a sex tape. Don't make an Andi-9 Scandal! Contrary to the popular belief, not everybody is doing it.

Look into her eyes and let me know what you see. This video is courtesy of mdnghtluv.

To get more of Andi-9 and her partner Jessica, I posted a couple of pics when we paid Visit to Magic 89.9 Studio.


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