Thursday, June 18, 2009

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb

Compact Fluorescent Light BulbAs soon as our kitchen and dining room lights went busted, we went ahead and bought a Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb to replace them. CFL costs more but is more energy efficient and lasts longer than the ordinary incandescent light bulb.

What are the advantages of choosing a Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb?

1. They use a very small amount of electricity compared to incandescent lighting (13 watts vs. 60 watts for the same light output).

2. They have a much longer lifetime (8-15 times longer than an incandescent light bulb).

3. They are much cooler so they contribute to less heat load in a room.

4. Of course, all of these result to more cost savings!

How to select a Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb

1. Find out how much light you need for your room or any other area in your house. Too little output will not be enough to light your area, while too much output is a waste of energy.

2. If you want to imitate the shade of an incandescent bulb, check the "temperature" range. CFLs with 2700 kelvin range gives just right shade of pale yellow white.

3. Higher "temperature" values provide white shade (3800 Kelvin), and even higher values provide daylight shade (around 5800 Kelvin). These cost more but they are more close natural lighting.

4. Different CFL shapes are ideal for different lamps. Some lamps have their light concentrated on the front side so those are best for lamps and fixtures that are recessed or partially covered.

5. There are special CFLs that are three-way or dimmable. They have to be used with a three-way socket or a dimmer.

5. Check the Energy Star Web ( for more information about these and other energy saving products.

Good luck in buying your first Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb and saving money in the process!

photo credit, tallfoot

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