Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kindle 2.0 Launch

Yes. Kindle 2.0 will be available beginning February 24. It looks exactly the same as what was predicted and talked about before it was launched. It's thinner and features a redesigned interface as well, but the biggest difference is arguably the new E-Ink display. And it boasts to have addressed all the shortcomings of its older brother.

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Kindle: Amazon's Wireless Reading DeviceAmazon Kindle

Hands on with Kindle 2: what a difference a screen makes
By putting a newer and faster version of the E-Ink screen in the latest version of the Kindle, Amazon has been able to make huge leaps in the usability of the device.

Amazon revamps Kindle, hints at bigger things to come

As expected, Amazon launched the Kindle 2, which was precisely as expected based on photos that leaked this past weekend. But Jeff Bezos hinted at larger e-book plans, and then left the audience without a hint of what those might be.

Kindle 2 first hands-on! (updated with video and impressions)
The Kindle 2 is here folks -- it should look pretty familiar at this point! Feast your eyes on the photos. We're building out with more photos and video, so stay tuned.

Amazon Kindle 2 announced: $359 on February 24
Just as expected, Amazon announced the second-generation Kindle ebook reader with the exclusive Stephen King novel UR today -- the page actually went live during the press event.

Kindle 2: $359, Thinner, More Storage and It Reads to You

Other News from Google News

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos talks about Kindle 2
Reuters - Feb 10, 2009
He talked about device’s price, Amazon’s big picture for Kindle, international plans and cannabilization. Reuters: Has Kindle been a big hit since its debut ...
Kindle 2 not too young for new accessories
CNET News, CA - Feb 10, 2009
by Dong Ngo Practically at the same time Amazon launched the new digital reader, M-Edge Accessories, a maker of accessories for the original Kindle, ...
Review round-up: Amazon Kindle 2
Christian Science Monitor, MA - Feb 10, 2009
By Andrew Heining | 02.10.09 The new Amazon Kindle 2 is slimmer, faster, and has a crisper screen. But its high price and design changes are receiving mixed ...
Amazon unveils new Kindle e-reader
Bizjournals.com, NC - Feb 10, 2009
Amazon.com Inc. unveiled the much anticipated next-generation version of its electronic book reader, Kindle, on Monday. Kindle 2 retains the same price as ...
Amazon Kindle 2: 10 Things You Should Know
PC Magazine - Feb 10, 2009
by Lance Ulanoff I want a Kindle 2. In fact, I've wanted a Kindle for almost a year now. The fever reached its height right around the holidays when I ...
Amazon’s Kindle: Did Steve Jobs blow it?
CNNMoney.com - Feb 10, 2009
Apple CEO Steve Jobs was pretty dismissive of Amazon’s Kindle electronic book reader when it first came out. “The whole conception is flawed at the top,” he ...
Amazon unveils the new Kindle 2
CNNMoney.com - Feb 10, 2009
At a press conference Monday morning in Manhattan, CEO Jeff Bezos introduced a thinner, lighter and faster version of the company’s surprisingly popular ...
High-tech, yes, but it still can't get past the border
National Post, Canada - Feb 10, 2009
Mike Segar/ReutersAmazon.com founder and CEO Jeff Bezos holds the new Kindle 2 electronic reader at a news conference in New York where the device was ...
Stephen King writes ebook horror story for new Kindle
guardian.co.uk, UK - Feb 10, 2009
An e-reader which arrives, mysteriously, via one-day delivery. A lovelorn college instructor who, in dabbling with ebooks, falls into a literary world full ...
The Kindle Is A Swindle
InformationWeek, NY - Feb 10, 2009
Amazon's Kindle v2 officially arrived today, and it's a swindle. I have no argument with the item itself, but $400 is a lot of dough to pay for a gadget ...
Live Blog: Amazon Announces Improved Kindle 2.0 For $359
InformationWeek, NY - Feb 10, 2009
It's about 9:53am and I'm at the Morgan Library off of Madison Avenue in NYC where Amazon executives are preparing to make a big announcement. ...
Amazon Hopes to Kindle ...
InternetNews.com - Feb 10, 2009
The e-reader gets a sleek overhaul and a handful of new features. But some observers say the moves won't help Kindle become a mainstream phenomenon. ...
Kindle 2 to fan flames for e-books?
Computerworld, MA - Feb 10, 2009
In Tuesday's IT Blogwatch, Richi Jennings watches Amazon launch its "new, improved" e-book reader. Not to mention corpulence pedagogy. ...
Why did Amazon downplay the most important part of Kindle 2?
ZDNet - Feb 10, 2009
Amid all of the hullaballoo about Amazon’s Kindle 2–the cheesy Stephen King novella, a thinner design and software improvements–the most important feature ...
Updated Kindle opens new chapter for Amazon.com
Seattle Times, United States - Feb 10, 2009
The $359 gadget, unveiled Monday by Chief Executive Jeff Bezos at the Morgan Library in New York, isn't going to make the entire book world go digital. ...
Amazon's Kindle 2: No iPod for Books
BusinessWeek - Feb 9, 2009
By Douglas MacMillan The unveiling of a hotly anticipated new product. An exuberant chief executive thumbing through slides. A surprise appearance by an ...


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