Saturday, January 10, 2009

Credibility and the Social Media Expert

Credibility and the Social Media Expert
Is credibility important in social media? Are the social media experts giving advice worth following?

In my pursuit of continuous improvement for my blogging skills, one of the things I did was to study about Social Media and how it relates to blogging. In my initial search about the topic, I was overwhelmed with the amount of information available. I was also amazed with the number of people who give helpful tips and tricks on how to get better results from using Facebook and Twitter (as of this time, I am not a user of both of these tools).

Then, I stumbled upon Michael Gray's post where he recently tried to correlate the validity of the social media "advice" with the credentials of the social media "expert" giving the said advice.

To me, it all boils down to credibility which is highly valued by any society. Social media helped create the web 2.0 environment where you can learn something from just about anybody. We regard some people as the experts in social media because they seem to know more about Facebook, Twitter, etc. than we do. They also have the most "mileage" and the most extensive use of these tools; even though if we look more closely, sometimes, these experts seem to not follow their own rules...

So, how does this affect me? Based on my experience I found out I am good at separating the messenger from the message. If the advice makes sense to me, I don't give too much fuss about who said it. On the other hand, if the advice sounds wrong, the most highly regarded experts would not be enough to convince me.

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