Thursday, January 15, 2009

5 Blogger Tweaks

Blogger Tweaks

Which Blogger tweaks did I do for my blogs?

All of my blogs are under Blogger. For me, Blogger is just the right tool to meet my needs without too much technical maintenance. With my current skills (or lack of) in HTML and web publishing, I can say that Blogger makes everything else in blogging easy for me. I can focus on creating content and posting what I want to post.

1. After writing a few posts under the classic layout, I decided to change my Blogger template to a more customizable one. There are lots of Blogger resources out there providing free templates as long as due credit is given to them. I got the templates for my blogs from

2. Then after reading some articles on the web on how to improve my google presence as a Blogger user, I learned how to tweak my HTML code.

(Take note that before I did any HTML tweaks, I made sure I saved a copy of my old HTML. In case something wrong happens, I can still restore my old layout settings.)

What it did was to change my post page titles to indicate the Post Title first before the Blog Title. They say this tweak is to improve how Google displays my blog post in the search results page). I won't post the actual tweaks but it is easy to Google it (search: Improve Blogger PageRank by optimizing post page title).

3. Another HTML tweak I did was to insert a "Permalink" remark in the post permalink. This helps the readers to easily bookmark or link back to my blog posts.

4. Another HTML tweak I did is to add meta Description tags. This is supposed to help provide Google with the information needed in my blog posts in the search results page.

5. Lastly, signed up for Feedburner and activated the subscriber feed settings. I hope this makes it easier to subscribe to my blogs.

Right now, I am happy at how these Blogger tweaks result to incremental improvements in the way I experience my blog. Any other tweak suggestions for me?

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