Monday, December 1, 2008

Philippine Universities

Panic: You Lose, Panic: I Win!

Today is the start of the new schedules of the Magic 89.9 shows. Magic 89.9 is the only radio station my wife and I listen to. She was the one who actually "converted" me to listen to Magic. My theory is, part of the reason we listen to this station only is because our van has a surplus radio installed and the FM band stops at around 91MHz. But eventually, the station's shows have grown on us. And we now listen to them whenever we can.

Anyway, one of their shows in the afternoon is called Carpool. The DJ's were CJ and Suzie and it started at around 6pm weekdays. After the rescheduling, their show was moved earlier to the afternoon around after lunchtime. I still got the chance to listen to them today because it was a holiday and I just stayed at home (no work).

One of the highlights of their show was a game called "Panic: You Lose". They go ask for listeners to call them and participate. The game goes like this: The DJ will state a category and the caller contestant has around 30 seconds to enumerate 10 things under the category for the day. If you panic, you won't be able to complete the 10 things, and you lose.

Today, my wife tried to call the station and luckily, she got through. She passed the phone to me and I talked to the DJ telling them I wanted to join the game. The DJ provided the category for the day: Philippine Universities. Luckily, we know a lot of them:

University of the Philippines (UP) - where my wife and I studied
University of Sto. Tomas (UST) - where my sisters studied
Ateneo de Manila University - just beside UP
University of the East (UE)
De La Salle University
National University
Far Eastern University (FEU)
Arellano University
University of Perpetual Help
Philippine Women's University

I also mentioned Miriam College, Letran and Jose Rizal College but not sure if they were counted as universities. I forgot to mention Adamson University (which is also a member of UAAP). And other famous schools like Mapua and SLU. I guess I panicked..

But the DJ's were so generous to me that they still decided to give me the prizes. We were very excited since it was our first time to join a radio contest. We are going to claim the prizes tomorrow - movie premiere tickets and Energizer products. Thanks to Magic for making our day!


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